2007 Baseball Playoffs: eight thoughts

Some things I have learned watching post-season baseball:

  • TBS was eager to host the divisional playoff games in hopes the Braves might even still somehow make a sensational post-season comeback to win the NL East.
  • The White House is denying reports that the President scrambled interceptors to counter the threat of “Canadian soldiers attacking Yankees” in Cleveland, OH.
  • Cal Ripkin was the actor revealed inside Darth Vader’s mask when the helmet came off.
  • Cliff Floyd’s diamond earrings are not just bling — space-age material can refocus sun’s rays from right field to confuse opposing batters intro striking out.
  • This year saw Roger Clemens’ incredible fourteenth final postseason appearance (he’s aiming for a record fifteenth final career appearance next year).
  • Tony Gwynn’s voice. ‘Nuff said.
  • Every team in 2007 playoffs required to have one player with last name Cabrera
  • If Yankees don’t win the World Series, Steinbrenner plans to fire everyone in Major League Baseball.