Isolation sonnet, 1

Someone standing for someone else in a dream. (I admit I have
a bias against people talking about dreams, for the most part.)
My morning often starts these days waking to bird song in gray darkness,
maybe having to get up and trudge carefully to the bathroom
only to find myself awake after and staring toward a vague 
out of focus ceiling once I drag myself back to bed.
In the dream all my belongings seem to have stood for someone
so I felt great anxiety about having lost things while traveling.
That’s all I can remember. That, and I’m in a car with empty luggage. 
In bed I start to warm up under the covers, feel the suffusion 
that maybe means I can get back to sleep. There was more 
to the dream, of course; hell, there’s more to everything.
Every lost moment fractures into a million lost possibilities, 
every bird’s flown off into the crepuscular morning, and gone.